Dyvaldiön is a prison fortress located on the northernmost tip of Central Isprea.

Its location is deliberate: it is isolated far from civilization at the northern coast of The Great Waste that is itself walled off by treacherous cliffs and a rift of bottomless sand. Before it stretches the churning waters of the Azure Reach.

Perhaps that’s why its inhabitants, which include some of the most dangerous individuals ever apprehended by the Knights of Subricon, have never bothered to mount an escape. Where would they go?

Dyvaldiön was established by the Knights of Subricon as a remote, secure location in which to deposit defendants awaiting trial alongside convicted criminals, far enough from Subricon itself that their threats are neutralized.

That was the theory, at least. The reality is that corruption and lack of oversight has allowed the Knights to keep both unsavory figures and more than a few innocents locked up indefinitely, without consulting Subricon’s truthfinders or wasting their time in courtrooms.

Being transported to Dyvaldiön is widely considered to be a one-way trip, even if a trial is promised.

Over the years, family members of both the fortress’s guards and its prisoners have flocked to the outskirts of the fortress, building a small coastal enclave with conditions almost as hellish as those inside the prison’s walls. It is an unhappy place ruled by draconian Sheriffs, but is also a place where opportunities can be found.


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