If there is a seat of power in Central Isprea, Guildport is where it resides.

A cosmopolitan trading port, Guildport is full of competitive trading associations and professional guilds with interests in everything from fishing to shipbuilding to logging, and yes, even thieving.

Guildport is the gateway to Subricon and Northern Isprea, and its trade routes skirt the coasts of Central Isprea to link up otherwise remote destinations such as Fengate on the eastern coast and Tidewash in the Broken Straits to the west. Longer journeys to far-flung locales such as Solajrin Theopolis are not quite as common, but where there’s money to be made, there will be a Guildport official trying his luck.

Politics in Guildport are messy. The city is ruled by a Council of Guildmasters who purport to represent the various associations throughout the city. Disagreements and political scheming are commonplace, but the government is remarkably stable as it is held in check by the competing guilds in their struggle for influence. No Council member can go out on a limb to enact dramatic change to the city’s legal codes without first building a broad consensus among constituents and rivals alike, and that almost never happens.

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