Erindale is a minor kingdom located on the northern edge of the Doomfang Peaks. It was ruled for many years by King Agdar and his Queen, Idun, before their untimely deaths at sea more than a decade ago.

Erindale’s major city and castle are located in a deep fjord that conceals and protects its harbour from the destructive weather systems of the Azure Reach.

The kingdom’s political situation is precarious. Erindale’s current ruler is Prince Hanus of the Southern Isle, the “consort regent” of Princess Ana, youngest daughter of King Agdar and Queen Idun. Hanus rules on the basis of his charismatic personality rather than any codified rule of law. He became engaged to Ana after a whirlwind courtship, and palace gossip maintains their relationship to be strained at best.

The rightful ruler of Erindale is Princess Ilsa, who was to be crowned queen before being publicly accused of witchcraft and sorcery.

From birth, Ilsa manifested strange and wondrous powers over ice, snow, and cold weather. Her parents did their best to suppress these unstable and dangerous abilities, however, with the deaths of her parents, her secrets were revealed to Erindale’s citizenry, who were not prepared for the idea of having an ice witch as their Queen.

With the nobility in revolt, Ilsa exiled herself from her kingdom, but not before she locked the region into an eternal winter. Ilsa retreated into the mountains, declaring herself Snow Queen.

The unnatural winter has attracted all manner of cold-loving monsters. Prince Hanus leads war parties in search of the Snow Queen, knowing that if she is destroyed, the crown of Erindale will fall to him.


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