Felgrim Heath

Felgrim Heath is a desolate badland to the east of the quiet farmland outside Haleford. The terrain gives way to scrubby vegetation and barren crags so slowly that many travelers don’t realize they have strayed into dangerous territory until it is too late.

The Heath is home to vicious tribes of gnolls, the occasional orc, and an unusual array of avian beasts who thankfully prey on carrion more so than live meals.

The settled lands to the west, protected only by the Silver River, are often victimized by gnoll raiding parties who storm out of the Heath to pillage and plunder before returning to their hidden camps. Travellers in the Heath are similarly harassed.

This hasn’t stopped a few hardy (some would say foolhardy) human and humanoid villages to spring up among the crags, but these are few and far between, and often sit upon a knife’s edge between survival and oblivion.

Many inhabitants of Felgrim Heath watch the skies nervously when out in the open, as dragons have been known to swoop down from the Doomfang Peaks to hunt for prey.

Locations of Note

Felgrim Heath

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