Goblin's Grove

Goblin’s Grove is a shady woodland routinely infested with—you guessed it—bands of roving goblins.

The farmers of Haleford and other villages in the region have become adept at holding the goblins at bay, and when the rate and frequency of goblin raids are particularly intolerable, the men and women, fierce in their resolve, root the monsters out.

However, like a tarnished copper piece, the goblins always seem to come back, spurred on by a craven hunger for human flesh, or (and this is what worries town patrons from Haleford to Guildport) some other malevolent force hidden in the Shadow Spires that cast long shadows over the forest.

Goblin’s Grove is also the domain of Alabern, a unicorn of some renown.

Locations of Note

Goblin's Grove

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