Isprea is a large area of territory in the Lands of Mystery, made of of three subcontinental landmasses.

In ages past, Isprea was home to an advanced civilization that was the envy of the wider world.

The Great Kingdom of Isprea was inhabited by a peace-loving people who valued art, literature, and expression as virtues equal in importance to freedom and justice, but they maintained a strong naval military nonetheless, to guard their island kingdom from external threats.

In a bit of cosmic irony, it was was a threat from within that ultimately sundered their civilization and brought tremendous upheaval to their once-beautiful land: a faction of power-hungry zealots secretly activated the long-lost Dreadforge and unleashed a cataclysm that engulfed the region in violence and sundered the land.

Isprea is now a broken continent, a pale shadow of its former self. Little remains of its storied past save legend, lore and sad ruins that dot the land.

Locations of Note


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