Loathsome Pass

The woodlands nestled in the Doomfang Peaks are rich with stands of rare and valuable timber, but the hazards of the Felgrim Heath generally prevented the logging guild of Guildport from capitalizing on the trees—that is, until the enterprising humans set out to build a road through the mountains to bypass the worst of the dangers.

They cut a deal with a tribe of goblins, whose adepts and demolitionists (and plenty of cheaper labourers) aided them over the course of several years in cutting a passage through the rock. A tower was built to guard the highest point and watch over the trail, but the road was never used.

Legend has it that the guild betrayed and slaughtered the goblins on the night the road was finished, and that the high priest of the tribe cursed the pass with his dying breath. Horrible things are now said to haunt the tower, and only the foolish or the desperate ever come this way.

If the legends are true, then it would go a long way towards explaining the animosity between the goblins and humans of central Isprea.

Locations of Note

Loathsome Pass

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