The Caves of Shadow

Long ago, the forces of darkness rose up and threatened the land. In those ancient days, the evil forces carved out the Caves of Shadow and dwelled within them, often striking out to raid nearby villages like Haleford and Guildport.

Powerful heroes eventually drove away the creatures that populated the Caves of Shadow, but in recent times, vile orcs, hobgoblins and bugbears have been harassing the villages and outlying farms once again. There are rumours that a dark power is behind their resurgence, and the Caves of Shadow has been cited as a possible source of the new corruption that threatens western Isprea.

The Caves of Shadow are said to be found in the rocky crags of the Shadow Spires.

The network of caves are not natural, but are worked passages created by inhuman hands and powerful magic years ago. As such, the floors and walls are smoother and flatter than they would be in a natural cave.

Villagers and merchants alike claim that a powerful ogre has been seen lurking near the caves, and at night, the stink of sulfur lies heavy over the forest.

The Caves of Shadow

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