The Necrodome

The name of this horrific place inspires fear in everyone living within a thousand leagues, for it was the birthplace, home, and citadel of one of the vilest mortals to have ever walked the land.

Fiendcaller, Deathlord, the Duskspawn Liege, the Charnel Walker—his names were many, and he left a legacy of brooding evil that still corrupts the swamps and forests near this, his legendary stronghold, generations after his fall.

The heroes that vanquished that darkest of mystic theurges did their best to cleanse his taint from the halls before sealing them, but something wicked is beginning to stir once more in this decrepit palace of death, celebrating the passing of the last of the Warders, descendants of two of the heroes who defeated the Deathlord generations ago.

It is not considered the sunniest of vacation spots, though its view is tremendous.

The Necrodome

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